Karl & Allie: An Emotional Day

Karl & Allie are the cutest couple you’ll ever meet. It feels like they can finish each other’s sentences with ease. It’s so easy to tell how much love they have for each other. Their wedding took place on the hottest day in NJ in the past 2-3 years. Yet that did not stop them from making the best day of their lives something to truly remember. If you watch the video, you’ll notice a red balloon present. This was highly symbolic. Both families of Karl and Allie love them so much and during the speeches, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. It’s hard not to get swept up by the wave of love and emotion going on. The night went off perfectly.


Venue & Catering: Auletto 

Ankur & Monica: Indian Summer Time Extravaganza

Ankur & Monica. Whew, just two incredibly polite and friendly people. Being one of the only non-indian persons at this 200+ person even, had me uneasy as it was my first one. I’ve never felt more welcomed in my life. Thats what you get with these two, genuine warmth and openness. In the heat of June 2016, Monica and Ankur threw an amazing wedding. The family and friends that came together to help them celebrate was something I had never seen before in my life. Monica looked gorgeous in her various decorative dresses, and Ankur looked quite dapper himself. The thing I noticed was how much Ankur smiled that day. It was a long and hot day, but his love for his wife overcame all of that. I know these two will be happy for the rest of their lives together


Keith & Ciarra: Passion

Keith & Ciarra are two extremely sweet emotional people. I could tell the moment I met them, they were truly special. Passion is the word I would use to describe them best. Despite an extremely odd crank call that tried to derail they day, Keith & Ciarra celebrated their marriage with friends and family in an extremely emotional and moving way. The children were featured throughout the day, and proved to be that extra special ingredient which left no dry eyes in the building following their first dance.

Venue & Catering: Massos 

Dan & Shay: Beautiful Party People

Dan & Shay are two of the most fun loving, down to earth, all around great people you could ever meet. Dan is a guy with a big heart who wears it on his sleeve. Shay is a beautiful girl, who is extremely happy and welcoming. Their wedding took place at an amazing venue in Mechanicsburg PA called Stock’s manor. The Ceremony took place in the ruins of an old building. Very cool vintage feel. The reception felt more like a rock concert. A band called E-Street rocked that place so hard that nobody was sitting by the end of the evening. Dan and Shay shared with us a rehearsed dance number and then danced throughout the night.


Wedding Venue: Stock’s Manor



Photographer: Thomas Beaman




Catering: STOCK’S ON 2ND

Officiant: Rev. Kelly Jo Singleton

Autumn & Jeffrey: Rustic River Wedding

This outdoorsy couple found the absolute perfect venue to fit their personalities. They were wed in a teeny tiny little churchhouse tucked away in rural Maryland. The weather was cloudy and windy. The couple sailed from the church to a farmhouse that sat along the banks of a river. The weather was awful all day, vendors were soaked, busses were stuck in mud and everyone feared the day was a washout. However, literally 10 minutes before the couple arrived, the weather broke and sun peaked out. It became a stunning sunset! The night went perfectly.

Other Vendors: christaraephotography


Nick and Kathy: Back where it all began

This amazing wedding took place at where it all began. Haycock Ministries is where Nick and Kathy met so it only seemed appropriate to hold a rustic wedding there.An intimate ceremony that was overseen by the bride’s father, John, went off perfectly. You’ve never seen a couple so in love and happy to be in each other’s presence during a ceremony. Kathy just could not stop smiling. We here at Greg Hoffman film’s wish Nick and Kathy a lifetime of happiness together and thank you for letting us be part of your most special day

Officiant: John Whylings
Venue: Haycock Ministries
Cinematography: GregHoffmanFilms

Mike And Shonna: New Hope PA Wedding

It was a sunny and beautiful weekend in New Hope PA for Mike & Shonna’s Wedding.  The Wedding and Reception took place at a breathtaking private mansion just blocks away from the historic Peddlers Village. It was an intimate and emotional ceremony, personal vows with a mix of traditions, and a perfect setting for a small gathering of friends and family to witness the joining of these two amazing people. Mazel Tov!

Venue: Private Mansion New Hope PA
Cinematography: GregHoffmanFilms
Photography: Steve Ling Photography
Officiant: Mary Kate Foley